Aryanveda Bodyguard Hand Sanitizer Alcohol Based Disinfectant Gel 500 ML (Pack of 4)

Price: ₹ 1,000.00 - ₹ 499.00
(as of May 09,2021 10:45:50 UTC – Details)

Product Description

hand sanitizer alcohol basedhand sanitizer alcohol based

hand sanitizerhand sanitizer

hand rub sanitizerhand rub sanitizer

Key Ingredients

Ethyl Alcohol
Extracts of Aloe Vera
Flavor: Lemon

WHO Approved Formula

GMP Certified

Paraben Free

Aryanveda Bodyguard Hand Sanitizer

70% Alcohol Based

The bodyguard hand sanitizer is proven to kill about 99.99% of bacterias, viruses, and germ without the use of soap and provide you with complete instant hygiene of self and surroundings.

It contains 70% ethyl alcohol and is completely Paraben and Phthalates free and also it does not contain any kind of harmful chemicals.

With no use of chemicals, the hand sanitizer does not cause irritation on your skin and is completely non-sticky. It also contains a special moisturizing formula and has a texture.

The hand sanitizer can be used anywhere anytime and will provide you with hygienic and clean hands.


kills 99.9 percent bacteriakills 99.9 percent bacteria

sanitizer safe on skinsanitizer safe on skin

hand sanitizer with ayurvedic benefitshand sanitizer with ayurvedic benefits

no harmful chemicalsno harmful chemicals

How To Use

dispense the hand sanitizerdispense the hand sanitizer

rub on handsrub on hands

clean handsclean hands

Where To Use

sanitizer use in public transportsanitizer use in public transport

sanitizer use in restaurantssanitizer use in restaurants

sanitizer use in public workplaces and homessanitizer use in public workplaces and homes

our disinfectant rangeour disinfectant range

Our Complete Range

This gentle and handy sanitizer doesn’t need water or a towel and can be used anywhere and anytime
Bodyguard hand sanitizer consists of 70% ethyl alcohol which is the key ingredient of this sanitizer
It is a non-sticky sanitizer gel for a hand with the absence of paraben or phthalates or any other chemicals that causes skin rashes or irritation
The Bodyguard hand sanitizer with alcohol can be used on every type of skin. This hand sanitizer moisturizer has a water-holding formula for your skincare

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