Just Human 24-Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer – 250ml (Pack of 2)

Price: ₹ 750.00
(as of Apr 29,2021 12:09:10 UTC – Details)

As we reintroduce ourselves to the world out there, we must not forget that safety has always been, and should always be our absolute priority. Hand hygiene is one of the primary steps to ensure our safety and although washing your hands can give you complete protection, it is not the most accessible option. That’s where we come in! Just Human 24 hour protection hand sanitizer that offers protection against 99.9% bacteria and viruses. With an easy application container, Just Human hand sanitizer protects you & your family from a wide range of illness causing germs anytime, anywhere. The solution does not require soap or water and kills 99.9% germs on contact. Other alcohol-based sanitizers evaporate from your hands in 20 seconds. Once evaporated, your hands are exposed to germs and viruses. Hence, you have to apply it 15-20 times a day. Introducing the new revolutionary, Just Human 24-Hour Protection Hand Sanitizer. The once a day Sanitizer protects your hands for 24 hours, allowing you to live your life limitlessly. Just Human Sanitizer is less toxic and can be safely used on your and your children’s hands and skin. Just Human leaves the hands feeling smooth and moisturised without any residue, smell or stickiness. A single application of Hand Sanitizer will act like a glove, providing an invisible bond to the skin for up to 24 hours without the need for reapplication. Normal washing of the hands and drying with a towel, will not affect the protection. Just Human Sanitizer uses a US technology and is made in India.

Just Human 24 hour Protection Hand Sanitizer has over 70% alcohol content which gives you instant germ protection, without regular handwash
Skin friendly & safe for kids – free of harsh chemicals and maintains the skin’s pH levels
Non sticky formula with mild fragrance
Made with US Technology and manufactured in India

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