SANITRON Liquid Spray Hand Sanitizer – with 75% Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) – 500 ml *2 (1 litre)

Price: ₹ 500.00
(as of Apr 30,2021 12:26:31 UTC – Details)

Product Description

sanitizer, ipa based, isopropyl alcoholsanitizer, ipa based, isopropyl alcohol

SANITRON Liquid Hand Sanitizer – with 75% Pharma grade Isoproyl Alcohol


75% alcohol, sanitizer75% alcohol, sanitizer

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75% Iso-Propyl Alcohol.

You can be sure with Sanitron hand sanitizer, because it contains 75% Alcohol content. Many health experts believe a hand sanitizer should have more than 60% Alcohol content for it to be effective. Iso-propyl Alcohol is high-grade alcohol that is quick-drying and does not leave a residue.

An Indian brand, that is made in India.

We are a proud Indian brand, aligned with the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat initiative, and our products are wholly produced in India.

100% Liquid. 0% Gel.

Sanitron hand sanitizer is a clinical-grade formulation that is fully liquid. Kills maximum germs on every usage. Use this in regular intervals or when you may have touched a contaminated surface.

Non-sticky and no water need to be used.

No gel added. Sanitron hand sanitizer leaves a smooth and silky experience after every use, because of the quick drying Iso-propyl alcohol.

Wherever you go, Sanitron hand sanitizers will protect you and your family against germs and viruses.

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sanitizer, sanitiser, isopropyl alcoholsanitizer, sanitiser, isopropyl alcohol

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It is not just enough to use a Hand Sanitizer, it is also important to use it properly.

sanitizer, 500 ml, iso propyl alchoholsanitizer, 500 ml, iso propyl alchohol

Quick Self drying liquid form – no soap or water required after this use.

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