Smars® Automatic Sanitizing/sterilizer smoke machine fog Spray Gun For Home,Office,Car,Hotel Corona Virus Disinfect

Price: ₹ 8,999.00 - ₹ 4,999.00
(as of May 09,2021 00:14:13 UTC – Details)

Features: 100% brand new and high quality. 360 ° disinfection and complete sterilization,Atomized disinfection with nanos sterilization deodorant. The high temperature of 170 ° C-180 ° C makes the photocatalyst disinfectant liquid form a smoke, which diffuses inside the car to realize the disinfection and purification of the whole car. Photocatalyst nanos atomization disinfection machine,When the red light turns green, press the bottom spray button, push up to release and push down to fix the continuous spray 100ML atomization time is about 8 minutes. Stainless steel spray nozzle,High atomization amount, the fog is more uniform, covering the car in an all-round way. One key switch,Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on,the amount of fog can be adjusted. Comfortable grip,The grip is ergonomically designed for easy operation and comfortable grip. Instruction: 1. Add 100ml disinfectant, do not add corrosive disinfectant 2. After inserting the power cord plug of this product into the rated socket, press the switch key and wait for 3 seconds to turn on After waiting for the machine to warm up for 40 seconds, when the green indicator light is on, the spray guns can start Eject nanos steam 3. Spray the generated steam to various positions in the carriage. (It is not recommended to go inside the air outlet for a long time(Injection avoids water vapors causing short circuit in the car) 4 disinfection is completed in about 10 minutes, please turn off the switch immediately after using the liquid to avoid Long-term dry burning of the heater damages the machine 5. Use a dry towel to wipe off the residual moisture of the atomization to complete the disinfection operation.

LED Indicator, Portable & Convenient, Fog Circuit Especially Designed to Avoid Condensation & Liquid Drips.
Multi-Function Uses: Automobile, Home & Office, Easy-to-Fill with 30 Seconds Warm-up Time.
Use: 1) Rotate and open the bottle. 2) Fill in with fogging liquid upto 300 ML. 3) Plug in and spray
Clean the product with white vinegar once a week in order to prevent the blockage

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