Umanac Instant Hand Sanitizer, 500 ML (80% Alcohol)

Price: ₹ 250.00 - ₹ 220.00
(as of May 07,2021 03:05:55 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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UMANAC Hand Sanitizer effectively kills 99.9% of germs without being harsh on the skin. Recommended for use before eating lunches, while traveling, at work or while playing in the garden. This no-rinse chemical formula kills all the bacteria that linger on your palms after you touch surfaces like doorknobs, desk, public computers, and other places. It is non-toxic, non-sticky, and gentle.

How To Use It?How To Use It?

How To Use It?

Step 1: Take 2-3 drops of UMANAC Hand Sanitizer on your palm.

Step 2: Gently spread the solution all over both palms. Rub it in between.

Step 3: Gently rub in between and around your fingers of both hands.

Step 4: Ensure that you are rubbing over the nails as well.


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Kills 99.9% Germs

Every drop of this solution is untouched and full of antibacterial properties. Just rub a few drops of this sanitizer in and around your palms to effectively kill 99.9% of the germs.


You can safely use this no-rinse formula for cleaning hands before consuming food. It is non-toxic and can be used at one’s convenience.


This sanitizer is a quality product that is easily affordable. That means, now you can protect you and your family from unhealthy bacteria without burning a hole in your pocket. Not only that, but it also gives lasting protection once used.

Gentle Formulation

Unlike its other counterparts available in the market, this sanitizer is non-sticky and spreads easily across the surface. It feels smooth on the skin, does not cause dryness and smells fresh.



UMANAC caters to products from different categories such as gourmet food, dry fruits & berries, personal care appliances, hand care sanitizers and baby care products.

UMANAC is driven by a goal of promoting healthy living every day. All the UMANAC products pertaining to different categories are developed with great precision so as to deliver quality products to its consumers.

Apply to both the palms and rub together until hands are dry
Use Umanac hand sanitizer regularly
Not to be consumed internally

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