Top 5 Best Record Keepers In India: Getting Acquainted with the Office Products

Top 5 Best Record Keepers in India Every office builds and runs on several utilities along their side. One of the essential aspects is the recordings of the necessary data.

We can’t even move forward without looking at the crucial information. It is required to keep count of the everyday database, attendances in critical writings and entries. 

There are so many people involved in the very process of maintaining records. For their work, they are always in need of a space to register to noting down the essentials.

Keeping the reporting needs in mind, we’re about to discuss the various products for daily record buildings.

Products for Meeting with Record keeping Goals

Solo SB- 001 Exam Board – Blue

Our first product is one of the unofficial looking equipment for Forms & Recordkeeping purposes. This one is a general board for home and proper uses. Suitable for both the kids and adults in looks and applications. 

Solo SB- 001 Exam Board
Solo SB- 001 Exam Board

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  • The surface comes off smooth and flat.
  • The pen catch feature included.
  • The chic and attractive style.
  • Convenient clip pressing for an excellent grip on paper.
  •  Glossy finish on both sides makes it very comfortable for kids.


  • The product is not available on transparent surfaces, only opaque, which might be a problem for several exams.
  • The clip is not durable at all.

Verdict: If you are looking out for less annoying ways, then this might be your savior in keeping official documents on board. 


Shipra Ledger Book/Register (21 x 17) cm and 225 Page

Ledger’s book is our second choice for the list. One of the top-rated, customer-friendly products for the users. A proven excellent tool for trial balances. It can provide a space for collecting them all in all transactions. You can post several journals to the different Ledger accounts.

Shipra Ledger Book/Register

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  • Beneficial for a trial balance.
  • Double-entry system.
  • A total of 225 pages to your aid.
  • Paper quality is good for use.
  • Perfect sizing for easier access.


  • Often exerts foul chemical smell.
  • The cover quality comes off very poorly. 

Verdict: Overall, the right product for  Forms & Recordkeeping goals.


LRS Library Accession Register – Leather Binding

The third one is a bit of an oldie. There are three-fold options available for taking every day entries. Moreover, the leather binding covers are suitable for uses in the long run. The price is quite pocket-friendly over others. Excellent performance as a library accession register. The beneficial table gapings work for every library’s calls. 

LRS Library Accession Register - Leather Binding
LRS Library Accession Register – Leather Binding

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  • There are options for several numbers of entries.
  • The leather made binding is quite chic and goes long.
  • The papers are 100gsm and white.
  • The quality is very high.
  • Acid-free papers are resistant to water and air damage.


  • Covers are not scratch and damage-free.
  • Product dimension does not suit all purposes.

Verdict: One good register for recording the library ensembles.


LRS Periodicals Record Register – Leather Binding (400 Page)

The product we’re discussing here is a record register. It has multi-purposes used for both school and official working needs. The dimension is 30cm by 22.5 cm, which is pretty good for daily use. The different tables and boxes are handy for keeping records. 

Top 5 Best Record Keepers In India
LRS Periodicals Record Register – Leather Binding

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  • The acid-free papers are resistant to damages like water and air.
  • The binding material is leather, which comes as very high quality.
  • Dual variety of 200 vs. 400 pages for your choices.
  • Standard 100gsm papers, for the best uses. 


  • The pages do not come as handy as others.
  • Leather linings are not very good quality.

Verdict: Good for rigorous and official recording of data.


LRS Newspaper Attendance Register – Ledger Paper

The last product is an example of a newspaper attendance register. One good enough product to go with the basic needs. Each package comes along one hundred flat polished pages. The affordable cost is another useful feature to look for Forms & Recordkeeping.

LRS Newspaper Attendance Register
LRS Newspaper Attendance Register

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  • The pack includes 100 pages, good enough for one-time use.
  • 70 GSM Ledger papers whi9ch are quite durable.
  • The whole thing is stitched manually.
  • Paper finishes are very smooth and sleek, for regular fast use.


  • One hundred pages of quantity are sometimes not enough.
  • Not works as a multipurpose register.

Verdict: If you are looking to pass only regular requirements, then this newspaper attendance register is an excellent option to go for.


A Compact Buyer’s Guide

There are a couple of factors to look for before buying a utility for  Forms & Recordkeeping purposes. They are:

Quality & Quantity

Always check for the first two things, as they are the two significant factors to a lookout. One is the number of pages available. Always make sure there are over 100 pages or the ranges up to the maximum number of pages. Another one is the gsm value for the quality of the paper. Make sure you are selecting the ones with 100 gsm and good quality.

Protected Papers

Also, be sure of the material used in the papers. They have to be acid-free and hold resistance against natural damages caused by exposure to air and water.

Flexible System

If you are looking for a product for registering attendance and other data, then you should consider this fact also. Check if the entry system works for you or not. Otherwise, you have to regret afterward.

The Bottom Line… 

So we have come at the end of discussing Forms & Recordkeeping, and we’ve mentioned some of the useful products here. We hope that our piece is going to help in the long run. 

While concluding this, we have the best tools for your advantage. 

The two best products Shipra Ledger Book/Register and LRS Periodicals Record Register can be very beneficial in this regard. As time flies, the importance of keeping official documents and records are getting more and more crucial. So, you must keep a close look for all the essentials to meet your office work goals.

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